Air Cooled Condensers (ACC's)

We have manufactured and installed complete ACC systems for the power industry, we can supply all the required equipment including:

Condenser panels, steel structure, fans, fan drive train, condensate tank, exhaust steam ducting, distribution manifolds and condensate pipework.

Images Above: An example of our patented Power Module with ACC system, manufactured and installed by CF Struthers, located at Tansterne Advanced Biomass Plant.

We manufacture our ACC panels in-house, they are a multi-row finned tube with a patented in-house designed stainless steel tube restraint system which holds the panels securely in place while allowing for thermal expansion. Systems include complete steam manifold from turbine exhaust flange. Uptakes to ACC panels and condensate return manifolds.

Images Above: 24hr continuous installation of ACC panels required to achieve tight programme.