Condensing Economisers

Condensing Economisers are a system of low pressure heat exchange coils which take flue gasses exiting from Power Generation or Utility boilers (typically 150 – 200oC) and cool them to around 60oC. In doing this, hot water at 90oC is produced which can then be used for condensate pre-heating and combustion air heating. This in turn boosts the thermal efficiency of the plant with a typical 5 – 10% improvement in ‘boiler efficiency’.

The condensing economiser takes the flue gas through it’s dew point to recover the latent heat from the water vapour, the recovered condensate can be further filtered and used for plant makeup water, meaning that most sites become water neutral.

On behalf of Emvertec Economisers, we manufacture the CEECON™ Condensing Economiser system which consists of carbon steel, stainless steel and specialised plastic heat exchanger coils and casings. The system utilises special corrosion resistant materials to cope with the acidic condensation which is formed when contaminants such as NOx, SOx and HCl are condensed.