Traditional Waste Heat Recovery Units (WHRUs)

Waste Heat Recovery Units for Oil and Gas sector have been manufactured at CF Struthers for the past 25 years. Casing fabrication plus internal lining systems and dampers all manufactured to high standards. Generally carbon steel casings and carbon/alloy tube bundles. Also stainless steel casings and 321H stainless steel tube bundles catered for as with below photo of WHRU for Kristin North Sea Project:

Images Above: All casings and tube bundles controlled with full traceability on materials and we employ 100% radiography on butt welds (pressure parts)

Images Above: The internal and external view of a typical WHRU manufactured by CF Struthers

Images Above: The carbon steel serpentine tube bundles and the fully installed WHRUs supplied to the Timimoun Gas Plant in Algeria, Solar Taurus T70 GT’s

Images Above: CF Struthers can supply replacement tube bundles for existing WHRUs. Typical projects undertaken:
Gulfax A, B & C (North Sea). 1.5” tube, P11 material with 409SS finning and 321H tubesheets

Images Above: Traditional WHRU units for Shell Anasuria project, showing full proof trial assembly prior to shipping.