Circular Heat Recovery Steam Generators (CHRSGs)

The CHRSGs manufactured by CFS utilise the same proven helically wound, finned tube arrangement as our CWHRUs

Below are two CHRSGs fully fabricated and tested by us including coils and casings. Coils are circular helical tube bundles manufactured using our unique in-house techniques. Materials: tube bundles SA335 P11, casings stainless steel 316L plus metal spray external surface coating (Norsok).

These units were the first ever Circular Steam generators deployed in the North Sea for Conoco Philips. They recover heat from 3 x LM2500 and 2x LM1600 Gas Turbines, providing superheated steam. Units were fully assembled and delivered to Mjørud, Norway for integration within module package.

The two CHRSGs mounted within their skid being lifted into position onboard the Eldfisk 2/7 platform: